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The Arts, Clubs and Sports

St. Luke Catholic Elementary School is proud of its performing Arts and Artistic endeavors from our students.

The Choir

Our school choir for students in Grades 2 to 8. Is directed and accompanied by Mrs. Linda Cottam They perform annually in many capacities at the school.

Monthly school Mass at St. Luke the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church. Our Christmas Mass. Our Talent Show Our Volunteer Appreciation Event At local Senior, Nursing and Retirement Homes


Many of our students showcase their talents and gifts in our marvelous talent show. The music, song and dance of our many students accompanied by joke tellers, story tellers, dramatic performances and other special performances mark an annual tradition of celebrating the arts that is a big hit every year.

Here is a list of the sport and clubs our school offers. If you are interesting in participating in any of these options, please feel free to talk to the teacher in charge for more information.

School Year 2020-2021
Sport / Club
Approximate time frame **Due to Covid-19 many teams will not be available this year.  Teacher in charge
Cross Country
Grades 3 to 8
September - October  
Grades 7 and 8
September - October  
Grade 7 and 8
November - January  
Grades 7 and 8
February - April  
Grades 7 and 8
Track and Field
Grades 3 to 8
May - June  
Ski Club    
Go Girls    
Art Club    
 God Squad
Grades 7 and 8
Ukulele Club    
Rotary Club
Spelling Bee Club
School Choir
Grades 3 to 8